Sparxsea is an artist who blends acoustic instrumentation, deep vocals and down-tempo beats with an adroit lyricism and modern folk sensibility to create a sound entirely her own.  In the tradition of such cross-genre acts such as Postal Service, Sufjan Stevens, and Colbie Caillat, Sparxsea's music weaves effortlessly between emotional anthems and inspiriting psalms that deal with hard hitting topics like loneliness and depression to capture the power of healing and salvation.

On her debut EP, SHINE, which was released in 2018, Sparxsea documents her own lyrical road map through navigating and accepting the loss of her mother to drugs and alcohol in 2011.  It is this personal journey from darkness to empowerment that is the very essence of Sparxsea's music, which has helped her songs find life in almost every corner of the globe.  Her songs and videos are currently being streamed in over fifty countries and have gained notable exposure in the UK, Japan, Russia, Germany, France and of course Canada and the US, to name a short few.  

Sparxsea got her professional launch when some of her tracks, including "On The Sea" and "Painters," were featured on the compilation 'Naked & Free' (Penumbra Recordings 2015). Following up on the success and momentum of SHINE, Sparxsea is currently back in the studio working on her sophomore effort, entitled "On the Sea".  One of the songs, "Don't Let The Fire Die" was featured on the Damnationland Film Festival Soundtrack, released in October 2019. For more information on Sparxsea, please visit her official site at: 

SHINE is available on all streaming platforms.  
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