Sparxsea is a music artist based in Portland, Maine with a soulful voice and story of hope. Her music is critically acclaimed, defining her as a genre-bending, dynamic, and accomplished songsmith who is engaging, universal, and alchemic. 

She has toured east to west coast, performing in Los Angeles, NYC, Knoxville, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Austin, among others. In 2023, she was featured in the L.L. Bean x Bull Moose Music summer concert series, opened three sold-out theater shows for Tim Reynolds of The Dave Matthews Band, shared the stage with SeepeopleS, Clarisse Karasira, and grammy-winner Dave Gutter of The Rustic Overtones, and performed at ARME Boot Camp 2 Festival in Searsmont, Maine.

Sparxsea and her sister were raised in northern Maine by parents who were bandmates and alcoholics, with days spent outside in nature while nights were unpredictable, sleepless, and often violent. In 2011, their mother’s fatal opiate overdose fractured the family and sent Sparxsea into a depression that birthed her debut EP SHINE in 2018. The 4-track record would serve as a catalyst to her career and spiritual salvation. Her debut single, “Alive” (2016), was featured in 2022 indie film 'Dole Mates' (DBC Productions), and her haunting pop ballad, “Don’t Let The Fire Die”, was composed for the 2019 'Damnationland' soundtrack and film festival.

In 2020, Sparxsea released "Little Wooden Boat", the first single on her upcoming debut full-length album, On the Sea (2024), with a video featuring fellow Maine native and solo sailor Holly Martin on her journey around the world. That fall, Sparxsea released, "Chariot", a pop ballad of adventure sung from purple lupine fields in midcoast Maine. Her latest release, "Forever Love" (2022), is a gentle ode to the changing seasons of life and features classical guitar by Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band, TR3).

On the Sea also features Dana Colley (Vapors of Morphine, Morphine), Nikki Glaspie (Nth Power, Beyoncé), Jerome Deupree (Morphine), Nate Edgar (Nth Power, John Brown's Body), Devon Colella (QUAD), and David Yearwood (Forét Endôrmie). It is co-produced by Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, theWorst) and Will Holland (Pixies, Dead Can Dance) at Chillhouse Studios in Boston.