Sparxsea is a folk pop artist based in Portland, Maine with a soulful voice and dark story of hope and love. Her music has received wide critical acclaim and she has established herself as a genre-bending artist with her own sound...elements of the aforementioned styles combined with elaborate electronic-based production and poignant well as a dynamic and accomplished songsmith.  This is forward-thinking, thought-provoking, sophisticated pop music.

Raised in northern Maine by loving, supportive, musical, abusive, alcoholic parents, Sparxsea and her sister spent days in nature, while nights at home were like a battlefield. Existence swung between two opposite worlds and mornings were forced into fresh starts from the deterioration of the day before. Peace became the ultimate goal. Sparxsea quietly dreamed of becoming a singer, years later awakening as a dentist and first in her family to graduate college. The sudden loss of her mother to an opiate overdose in 2011 fractured Sparxsea's family and sent her into a depression that birthed EP SHINE (2018). The record would go on to open doors for her and serve as a catalyst to her career.  Her uplifting single, “Alive” (2016) was recently used in the indie film 'Dole Mates' (2022) and her dark pop single “Don’t Let The Fire Die” (2019) was on the Damnationland soundtrack and title track at the film festival. 

During the 2020 pandemic and temporary layoff from dentistry, Sparxsea released her first single "Little Wooden Boat" from forthcoming LP On the Sea (2023), illuminating personal and societal fears of imperfection and the unknown. Its video stars Maine-based solo sailor Holly Martin on her ongoing expedition around the world. In late 2020, Sparxsea released "Chariot", a serenade to lifelong adventure, sung from stunning lupine fields in midcoast Maine. Her third single, "Forever Love", was released in November 2022 and is a gentle ode to the changing seasons of life.

On the Sea is an album of discovery that features Nikki Glaspie (Nth Power, Beyoncé), Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), Nate Edgar (Nth Power, John Brown's Body), Jerome Dupree (Morphine), Dana Colley (Vapors of Morphine, Morphine), David Yearwood (Forét Endôrmie), Rebecca Kingsley, and Devon Collela (Quad). It is being produced by Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, theWorst) and Will Holland (The Pixies) at Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA.