(sparx) + (sea)

Sparxsea is an artist who blends acoustic instrumentation, soulful vocals and down-tempo beats. Her music explores extremes of emotion and breathes a powerful sound into today’s indie music world.

Her debut EP SHINE (2018) raises awareness of loneliness and depression in society. Tragically losing her mother to drugs and alcohol, Sparxsea captures her journey from darkness so to empower everyone to find their own light.

Folk songs “On the Sea” and "Painters" were featured on Penumbra Recordings’ ‘Naked & Free’ acoustic series, and electro-pop singles “Alive”, “Morning”, and "Zen"  revealed a brightness that set the stage for her downfall that became SHINE.

SHINE is available on all platforms. Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0APrmBMemlV9GkVgDZ6k3D

Sparxsea is currently working on new releases and collaborations.
For booking and general inquiries, contact sparxseamusic@gmail.com.