Sparxsea is an indie artist who blends soulful vocals and folk with powerful, down-tempo beats. Her music explores the extremes of emotion and brings a fresh, authentic sound to today’s indie music world.

Her debut EP SHINE was released in June 2018 and it raises awareness of loneliness and depression in our society. After tragically losing her mom to drug and alcohol abuse, Sparxsea describes her own journey from darkness so she can empower others who struggle to find their inner light.

Folk songs “On the Sea” and "Painters" were featured on Penumbra Recordings’ ‘Naked & Free’ acoustic series, while electro-pop singles “Alive”, “Morning”, and "Zen" established a colorful tone of optimism in her music and ironically set the stage for her downfall that became EP SHINE.

SHINE is available on all distribution platforms. Listen now:

Sparxsea is currently finishing her second album, set to release in 2019.
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